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Suburban Reptiles - Megaton


On this date in 1978, Suburban Reptiles released their debut single,
"Megaton". It was backed by "Desert Patrol". It was the first punk record by a New Zealand band and was packaged in a fairly plain white wrapping...except, of course, the Nazi swastika-like emblem. They released a second single later that year and called it quits by year's end without releasing an album. Drummer Buster Stiggs (Mark Houghs) went on to form The Swingers.

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munchausen said...

um, some corrections (from someone who was there at the times.

The reptiles were a binch of art-school students who were picked up by the nz media of an example of this new "punk rock" thing. other punk bands, such as proud scum and the scavengers tended to mock them, rather violently.

phil judd doesn't play on megatron, but did produce (and play guitar) on their second single, saturday night stay at home. the single was released after the ban broke up and judd, with the bands bass player, bones hillman and drummer, buster stiggs, formed the swingers

this was a very limited release. in 2005 a 12 inch of megatron sold for $575 dollars

Club80 (Robever80) said...

Thanks munchausen. I didn't realize that Phil Judd was not there from the beginning. Changed.

munchausen said...

while i remember, the reptiles were responsible for one of the strangest movie classifications ever.

the movie was called angel mine, it was about a suburban husband giving up the straight life. the reptiles were in it for about five minutes and the classification was "R-16 warning contains punk cult material"

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