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Saturday Night Home Cinema


Liquid Sky (1982)

"The story takes place in the early 1980s New York dance/art scene. Space aliens land to feed off of endorphins released during heroin use. Their hat box-sized spaceship lands on the roof of a loft occupied by bisexual cocaine-addict fashion model Margaret (Anne Carlisle) and her drug-dealer girlfriend Adrian (Paula E. Sheppard)..."

"Margaret has several sexual encounters (some wanted, some not), resulting in the aliens' discovery that the endorphins released in the human brain during orgasm are more preferable to their needs than heroin. This results in the deaths of Margaret's partners. Getting rid of the bodies becomes a problem until the aliens answer her call to vaporize them automatically when they die."

YouTube - Liquid Sky Trailer

Wikipedia: Liquid Sky

Video: CINE PARADISO: Liquid Sky 1982 DVD-Rip (torrent)

Video 2: Digi Cinema: Liquid Sky (1982) - Slava Tsukerman (Rapidshare 15 parts)

Blogload Liquid Sky Soundtrack (1982) -


Anonymous said...

man this is one of my favorite movies!!

munchausen said...

i've always wanted to see this movie

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