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Happy Birthday!


Jools Holland (born Julian Holland) of Squeeze, etc. turns 51 today

Squeeze, from left to right: Glen Tilbrook, Chris Difford, Gilson Lavis, Jools Holland and Harry Kakoulli. (thanks for the pic Vic!)

Wikipedia: Jools Holland

Official Website:

Video: Squeeze - Cool For Cats - on Top Of The Pops - 1979 - youtube

Blogload: Jools Holland - Boogie Woogie '78 -


Vic Fieger said...

I'm afraid there's a bit of a mix-up regarding the photo: I'm pretty sure that's John Bentley in the picture, as Carrack joined up only after Jools made his departure. Here's one of the band with Jools: (l to r: Tilbrook, Difford, Lavis, Holland, and Harry Kakoulli)
Sorry to be nitpicky, I wouldn't have brought it up if it weren't Jools's birthday!

Adam said...

You are correct sir, that is definitely not Jools Holland in the photo. Club80 has officially been sacked! OK, we'll keep him on as a volunteer.

I've changed the photo.

Club80 (Robever80) said... should have brought it up regardless. Thanks!
In my defense, I searched for "Jools Holland and Squeeze", saw the small picture and didn't look at it when I enlarged it. Guess it wasn't big enough! It's okay. I'm Irish...I've heard it before.

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