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A Question For You...


Since Club80 has us on perma-hold...

What are you guys listening to these days?
I've been listening to some new stuff:


Anonymous said...

Here's some great bands with that 80's electronic sound

The Presets - FANTASTIC

Cut Copy

Metro Station

These are just off the top of my head, but there's more - Listen and LOVE 'EM!

Anonymous said...

LCD Soundsystem

Randy said...

Been listening to Glasvegas, Oasis (Dig Out Your Soul), Psychedelic Furs (self titled), and The Smiths (Rank), Lloyd Cole (Antidepressant), and The Courteeners (St. Jude)

Anonymous said...

ghostland observatory, the exploding boy (postpunk sounding)

Liquidator said...

sigur ros and dead can dance have been on my itunes this week. Must be depressed or something

Combom said...

crass, poison girls, flux, omega tribe, bylthe power, billy bragg, pink floyd, jethro tull :)

Anonymous said...

Jazzanova, Fat Freddy's Drop, Pop Levi, The Aliens, Juana Molina, Matthew Herbert, Antony & The Johnsons, Nicola Conte, Cold War Kids, Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, Ratatat...and eventually....Kaiser Chiefs...

Gigi from Rome....

Curty Ray said...

The Plimsouls - Self Titled
Need the pick-up!!

Unknown said...

ARCADE FIRE - Neon Bible
GOLDFRAPP - Seventh Tree
BUSHIDO - The Sands Of Nakajima
THROBBING GRISTLE - Live at the Hat Fair 21.8.76
CASCADA - Perfect Day
THE NOLANS - Greatest Hits

Anonymous said...

The new album by The Damned (So Who's Paraniod?)

Both los campesinos albums

The new Levellers album

And the fantastic Burnt Cross album (anarcho punk band) Available for free here

all 2008 and all recommended


Anonymous said...

Sparks -- Exotic Creatures of the Deep -- their BEST album has come nearly 40 years in.

Byrne/Eno -- Everything That Happens Will Happen Today -- The little bald twerp is likeable as always, and Byrne is likeable for the first time since True Stories.

Alejandro Escovedo -- Real Animal -- Sometimes you CAN go back. Only it sounds WAY better than The Nuns ever did.

Matthew Loiacano -- Kentucky. Multi-instrumentalist for the Kamikaze Hearts eschews sounding like the great lost Band/Son Volt album, and nicely splits the difference between Nickel Creek a Sufjan Stevens instead.

Paul Westerberg -- 49:00. As much an experience as an album, and as such, as close to a 'Mats album as you'll ever hear again.

Adam said...

Alejandro Escovedo...Oooh I'm listening to that one too.

Anonymous said...

prinzhorn dance school
amon düül (II)
Animal Collective
British Sea Power
Mirwais - Naïve song
Les Rythmes Digitales
Bow wow wow
Frank Tovey
Julian Cope
should I go on...:)
This was my list bye Ruud

Mondo said...

Top Three

The Wolfmen - Modernity Killed Everynight
Silvery - Thunderer & Excelsior
AC/DC - Black Ice

Unknown said...

The Suicide Commandos, The Kids, The Cigarettes, The Soft BOys, Desperate Bicycles, Television Personalities, ans The Skids

Anonymous said...

TV On The Radio -- Dear Science
Everlast -- Love, War and the ghost of Whitey Ford
The Duke Spirit -- Neptune
Louis XIV -- Illegal Tender
The Gutter Twins -- Adorata
Mother Mother -- O My
Kaiser Chiefs -- Off With Thier Heads
The Heavy -- Great Vengenace and Furios Fire
AC/DC -- Black Ice

bozmugabe said...

Der Plan, Motorhead, Amon Duul II, The Cure, Bad Religion, Cluster, Alice Cooper,Kraftwerk, Cardiacs, Laibach, Absolute Body Control, Front 242, Laurie Anderson, Abwarts, Throbbing Gristle, Fear, Magma, Nina Hagen Band, Clan of Xymox, Ice Cube, BIPPP ( french Synth wave comp!! ), PTV3, The Threshold Houseboys Choir & a load of Rollins spoken word bootlegs!!!!

Doug said...

I am just listening to Kevin Coyne's 'Dynamite Daze' as I peck.The new Alejandro Escovedo album got me to pull out the Nuns,Rank and File and the True Believers albums.The boy is good!Also listening to The Fuzztones.The Fuzzies 'Lysergic Emanations' is one great album.New albums by Jenny Lewis,The Cure,Oasis,Glasvegas are excellent.Also been into 1950s Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin recently.

Adam said...

Hey Mug, what the heck ever happened to Everlast? I'll have to check out his new album.

I always thought he should do a hip-hop blues remake of "I Am The Walrus" by the Beatles.

Anonymous said...

Funny enough, I was wondering the same thing and then -- the new one. Give it a listen, for sure. The cover of Folsom Rrison Blues, is, to my ears, superb!

Gotta agree, a hip hop Walrus would be very cool. Happy Halloween and have a great weekend.

Douglas said...

What do you like from the new Oasis? I only listened to it once and nothing jumped out.
I always listen to my ipod on shuffle. But for new stuff I've been liking the Ting tings, gnarls barkley, and the Fratellis.
Rock On!

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