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Joy Division - Still


In October of 1981, Joy Division released a compilation called Still. It was a double album collection of rare songs and a recording of the Manchester, England post punk band's last performance (May 2, 1980 at High Hall at Birmingham University). The concert included the song "Ceremony" which was released later by New Order. This was the only time it was ever performed by Joy Division. Ian Curtis hung himself sixteen days after the concert. The remaining members of the band formed New Order. The album reached the #32 spot on the U.K. albums chart.

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Unknown said...

When you say the Birmingham performance on 'Still' is the only time Joy Division ever performed Ceremony, I guess you may mean 'live performance', but a second recorded performance of Ceremony by Joy Division does exist on the Heart And Soul 4xCD box set - it is a rough studio demo.
- see the paragraph 'Joy Division recordings'

Anonymous said...

When I was depressed in my teenage-days, there was always relay on Joy Division !!!!
Danke Schöööööööön

Club80 (Robever80) said...

Yes, Chris. It was the only "live" performance of "Ceremony" by New Order.

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