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Stiff Little Fingers - Bits Of Kids


On this date in 1982, Stiff Little Fingers released their twelfth single, "Bits Of Kids". It was backed by "Stands To Reason". Both tracks appeared on their fourth album, Now Then... The Belfast, Northern Ireland punk band broke up in 1982 after four studio albums, one live album and numerous singles. They re-formed in 1987. Jake Burns and Ali McMordie, from their original lineup, are still there.

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bozmugabe said...

SLF had become a pretty good pop band by this point. If you can ignore the fact that it was the same band that 3-4 years previous recorded INFLAMABLE MATERIAL, there's quite a wealth of decent singles towards the end of their original incarnation. This was definitely one of them. Always liked 2 GUITARS CLASH, STANDS TO REASON as well! Their continued existence however is kind of pointless... they're like a very milky cup of teas these days!!

Adam said...

Belfast is in Northern Ireland. It is not the same country as Ireland.

bozmugabe said...

Ha! .... didn't notice that typo... such things can get you into all sorts of colourful discussion/trouble, but let's not drag that one up on a music blog!!!

Club80 (Robever80) said...

Actually, that really isn't a typo. I'm of Irish descent. There is only one independenet Ireland left...Northern Ireland. If there is ever a reunification, the new nation will be known simply as Ireland. It's more of a statement that I exclude the "Northern" regularly. I guess politics probably shouldn't be included here, but I'll keep it as is this time just to satisfy my hope.

Adam said...

I thought it was important in this post because "Northern" Ireland is what some of SLF's best songs are about.

An Alternative Ulster
Grab it and change it it's yours
Get an Alternative Ulster
Ignore the bores and their laws
Get an Alternative Ulster
Be an anti-security force
Alter your native Ulster
Alter your native land

Suspect Device
They take away our freedom
In the name of liberty
Why don't they all just clear off
Why won't they let us be

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