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Happy Birthday!


Glen Matlock, original member of Sex Pistols and founder of Rich Kids, turns 52 today!

The Sex Pistols (pre-Sid Vicious), left to right:
Glen Matlock, Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones.
(Drummer Paul Cook is out of the picture)

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bozmugabe said...

Funny the way Matlock is regarded as some sort of pop hook genius who drove the pistols songwriting, yet 30+ odd years down the line, he's still crusing off the fumes of a handful of songs he wrote ( or helped write ) as a teenager..... The Rich Kids may have been a good powerpop start but he hasn't exactly set the world alight since!!

Club80 (Robever80) said...

Very true but think about how instrumental he was in writing some of the early Sex Pistols' songs! Almost their entire first (and only) album was written almost entirely by Matlock and Lydon.
Plus, when compared to Sid, he was a veritable virtuoso!
What always strikes me as odd is how willing and anxious he was to join all the reunion Pistols' shows after being unceremoniously tossed from the band. That either shows an incredible love of money, no pride or a very forgiving memory (or some combination of the above).

bozmugabe said...

The whole lot of the Pistols rabble will be here on sunday for the Electric Picnic festival... Not going but no doubt I'll hear all about it ... interestingly, Sinead O'Connor is on the billing and has Jah Wobble playing with her.... What the world really needs is another round of PIL ( as a progressive group of course - they wouldn't have to retread old ground to make this punter happy!! ) - They're definitely capable.... both Killing Joke and Wire have done great work in recent years........ no reason why Lydon, Wobble and some other rabble couldn't throw something unlistenable together!!!???!!

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