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The Ejected - Have You Got 10P?


On this date in 1982, The Ejected released their debut single, "Have You Got 10P?". It was backed by "Class Of '82" and "One Of The Boys". The first two tracks appeared on their debut album, A Touch Of Class, but they were different cuts. The third track did not. All three "single" tracks were included as bonuses when the album was re-released on CD. The single reached the #8 spot on the U.K. indie singles chart. The Dagenham, England Oi! band released two albums before disbanding in 1984.

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Anonymous said...

En español, Que significa esa expresion Have you got 10?

Anonymous said...

"Have you got 10p?" significa tienes 10 pounds?

"pounds" es la unidad de dinero en inglaterra

esta cancion se trata de prostitutas preguntando si alguien tiene 10 pounds

Anonymous said...

No quiere decir 10 pounds,quiere decir 10 pence (100 pence vale 1 pound). No se refiere a prostituas, se refiere a gente que que preguntan siempre un poco de dinero. Por ejemplo en Inglaterra la gente de la calle puede comprar un cigarillo pour 10 p...

Adam said...

Thanks for clearing that up. I was going to correct him myself. Yo comprendo pero hablo espanol solo un poquito.

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