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Cockney Rejects - Greatest Hits Volume II


On this date in 1980, Cockney Rejects released their second album, Greatest Hits Volume II. It was a followup up to their debut, Greatest Hits Volume I and a precursor to their next album, Greatest Hits Volume III. Of course, none were actually greatest hits albums, just wishful thinking, perhaps. It contained the single, "We Can Do Anything". The band was one of England's Oi! bands.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I have added it to my favourites, greetings. I love this great Louis_Armstrong song -
What a Wonderful World

Club80 (Robever80) said...

Thanks Aleks. It's funny that you mention that song by Louis Armstrong. I have the mp3 on my computer at work. I blast it through my speakers as I start each day. It's half tongue-in-cheek and half hopeful that the day turns out okay.

Adam said...

By the way Club80, this is more comment spam.

Club80 (Robever80) said...

Yeah...I know. I didn't click on the link though. I had something to say about Louis Armstrong. As far as the other piece of spam, no interest.

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