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Sid Vicious, and the Death of Nancy Spungen


On this date in 1979, former Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious went on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen. He didn't live to hear the verdict. He died a month later from a heroin overdose.

Full story: Sex Pistols Sid Vicious, and the Death of Nancy Spungen — "Trouble in Room 100" — Crime Library on

Sid and Nancy movie trailer

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Mondo said...

There's a great piece about this incident by someone who knew Sid: Nick Kent - you'll find it his Dark Stuff book..

Nick claims Sid attempted earlier suicide attempt before his final overdose: while almost on his way out someone (named in the book) asked Sid what really happened on the night Nancy died..and recorded his reply.

The upshot is while Nancy had nodded out, Sid had a bust up with a dealer who broke Sid's nose. Later Nancy came to argued with Sid about the dealer and slapped him across the face setting off the pain of his broken nose again. As an impulse response Sid stabbed her with the knife he had to hand, wounding her fatally..

Anonymous said...

Hi P5,

Just an update for your blogroll. Never Get Out Of The Boat REDUX is over here these days.

Thanks for all your kind support.

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