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Google vs. Piracy


BBC News - Google tweaks to tackle online piracy

"Google has said it will tweak its search service in an attempt to tackle online piracy, following lobbying by the music industry. The search giant will implement four changes, including the removal of words that are associated with piracy from appearing in its autocomplete feature. However, it will not prevent sites that host illegal copyright material from appearing in its search results. The music industry said the measures did not go far enough."


cottonsocks said...

i think the whole idea of moving on from record label dominance and the rise of the artist who is one step from their supporters is brilliant. the 'industry' may say it's not good enough, but where are their interests in sharing brilliant music and ideas and making a living or is it in getting very rich? i like the mojo of artists like amanda fucking palmer who are setting themselves up on the net and communicating directly with supporters. there's evidence that people will support their artists financially, with most people paying up when given the option even when they don't have to, often the average given is double the asking amount. anyhooo, just saying that it might be bad for the big end of music town, but breaking the dominance of big record labels might be good for the smaller end.

Eleanor said...

Google bought YouTube and that's almost exclusively made up of copyrighted material.

If Google refuses to mention our blogs then we may just have to resort to linking each other.

Or web rings.

Or Webcrawler.

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