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Captain Crawl Dead Again?


Looks like the site is down IP address

CaptainCrawl is on Facebook
Last post was Nov 3.

CaptainCrawl is on Twitter
Last tweet was Nov 3.


UPDATE: from the Twitter feed "cc will be back in a few days. don't worry ! ;)"


Herr Ärmel said...

thx for the info . . . Herr Ärmel

ViaLaRar said...

I'm wondering if this has some connection with this week's new stories of the fed and Attorney General Holder shutting down several piracy websites? Captain Crawl is just a search engine and doesn't post anything itself so I wouldn't think they were targeted in any investigation. However, they might just be laying low? why is the screen just blue when you log onto the sight!?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this has any connection to the stories in the news this week of the feds cracking down on piracy webstites? Captain Crawl is just a music blog search engine and doesn't ditribute anything itself. Still, the timing seems awfully conincidental. Hope you come back to life, CC!

Andy D said...

Has there been any word on Chewbone? I hated all of the scripts that ran on the site but I haven't found anyplace that worked as well. Even the Captain and Filestube don't bring me as many results.

MOOKIE said...

I don't know the Captain so I just read his Twitter feed for info just like you guys.

They've always had web hosting issues. Looks like they have a new server and are experiencing some delays getting it online.

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