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Peter Godwin - Emotional Disguise


On this date in 1982, Peter Godwin released his debut solo single, "Emotional Disguise". It was backed by "French Emotions". Both tracks appeared on his debut album, Dance Emotions (though "Emotional Disguise" was an extended version on the album which was, actually, more of a mini-album). Prior to his solo career, Peter Godwin was in the band Metro (David Bowie covered their "Criminal World" on his Let's Dance album). The German born new wave singer has not released much since 1983.

Wikipedia: Peter Godwin

Blogload: Peter Godwin - Emotional Disguise - 7 inch (both sides) -


Greg Hagin said...

Didn't he also have a single called "Images of Heaven"?

Just found your blog was at VHC 1980-84 Where are Jeff Foss and Jimmy"Dread" Briggs

Greg Hagin

niklas said...

just stumbled upon this blog. it's fantastic.

giz said...

Greetings from Mission Control, Fort Godwin:-)

Aside from this, Peter is definitely back on the scene plus, according to the king of coolness himself, "There's an update to the Nuevo website in the wings- a new shop, a new video.. and more.. Coming very soon..." (Peter Godwin)

To learn more about his new band and his music, please visit us at:

Anyways, do join us in his face book fan page:


Much love and thankies from the Mission Control Center, Fort Godwin.

skyray is love,

jeff said...

Hi Greg! I'm alive & well & living the good life in South Florida for the past 15 years! Hope you're well!

Andys80s said...

Chatted him up the other night at Flashback Alternatives. He was on Synthmans (Doug) show!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Dread has been in NJ for the past 22 years......that is all......

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