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The Decline Of Western Civilization


On this date in 1980, the soundtrack to the movie The Decline Of Western Civilization was released. The debut of the movie, itself, was April 2, 1981. The punk rock movie featured live performances from Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, Fear, Alice Bag Band, X, Catholic Discipline and The Germs.

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sean said...

Saw this twice in the theater when it first came out in '81. By then we were used to The Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols.. but the LA punks on screen seemed scarier and a lot more violent (slam dancing was just starting to happen then). Except for X who seemed like Patti Smith-style hippie/punks. X and all the other bands in this movie kicked ass, and this movie REALLY needs to get released on DVD. One of the great rock documentaries.

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