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Cult Hero - I'm A Cult Hero


On this date in 1979, Cult Hero released their only single, "I'm A Cult Hero". It was backed by "I Dig You". There was no album to follow. Actually, there was no band. Cult Hero was The Cure, some friends and postman Frank Bell on vocals. He used to wear a tee shirt saying "I'm A Cult Hero" and the band thought it would be great to invite him into the studio to record a song or two. The single is the result of that session.

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MOOKIE said...

I remember how hard it was to find this single when it first came out. Great song.

Anonymous said...

Just came across this site...Its amazing just as The Post Punk progressive Pop party was...Wow! I actually still have many of the shows on old cassettes with some of the great tunes and the DJ's announcing the songs and other chatter...They were great days indeed for music!

MOOKIE said...

Can you digitize those tapes to mp3 format? Did you go to the clubs on Long Island or Hofstra like we did?

Anonymous said...

Yes I live on L.I. I have all my life..I Went to pretty much every club on L.I. And NYC during that era. Saw alot of the bands live. And I have quite a selection of tapes from many different radio shows..ppppp, Wave breaker(Cant remember what station that was?) And others...Im suprised I remember anything from those days,If you know what I mean! I will go through them and see what I can do. If you want you can e.mail me directly at you can send me yours as well in an e.mail...I will be in touch.

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