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1980's L.A. Punk Rock


I found this great piece of history. The site contains a lot of pix, vids and some music in crappy "Real media player" format. (hint: just come back to The P5 and search for the bands).

Read This: 1980s L.A. Punk Rock -

"TVparty presents found articles circa 1980-85 written by Billy Eye and Judy Zee from Data-Boy, a gay entertainment magazine published in Hollywood.

These articles chronicle the avante garde bands coming up through the Los Angeles Punk and New Wave club scene during that key period. They read like a diary in the lives of these young clubgoers and the burgeoning scene they covered."

Bands mentioned include:
Fear, The Germs, Go-Go's, Motley Crue, TSOL, Missing Persons, Wall of Voodoo and more.


Anonymous said...

good punk rock memories. i remember them all.

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