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Lemmy: The Movie


Coming sometime in 2010:
Lemmy: The Movie


Longy said...

Excellent! Didn't know about this one. Looks a great watch. Be seeing Motorhead next month with The Damned and Girlschool. Can't wait!

BOZ said...

This is the right time to capture this, while Motorhead are still kicking hard and heavy and vital as always... the story could also be given a completely different treatment and perspective when Lemmy is no longer with us but hopefully that's many many years away yet!! looking forward to it immensely... Seeing Motorhead in the Olympia Dublin in 8 days... always an exciting prospect!!

MOOKIE said...

I haven't seen Lemmy and the boys in quite a few years but my ears are still ringing!!! Enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Lemmy is great and so is Motorhead. But he was also in one of the most boring hippy bands of all time, Hawkwind, so that knocks a couple of points off his legacy.

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