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Is Captain Crawl, Dead Or Alive???


CaptainCrawl - Music Blog Search Engine

Just when we thought he'd gone to Davy Jones's locker.

The Captain is ALIVE!!!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing, but it was up, then down, up, then down, yesterday, so hopefully it's just issues, rather than miss yous.

Anonymous said...

I was using it for four day's now,
and now it's not there anymore I'm allready missing it
hoping for the best

laura said...

Their Twitter says that a new server is being installed tomorrow, so hopefully that will revive it. Fingers crossed...

CaptainCrawl said...

hey guys + girls, thanks again for your nice words, it's good to hear people like & love that thing. is growing and growing and sometimes the database gets bigger than the server can handle. and it's not easy to get better hardware on a server that runs a semi-illegal search engine ;)

new RAM is ordered, new server will go online on oct 21st or 22nd.

captaincrawl will NEVER go offline, in worst case I will make the whole website open source and give it away to some VERY nerdy guys.


MOOKIE said...

Ahoy Captain, good to see you're still alive. Long Live Captain Crawl!

Anonymous said...

Ill fight alongside that captain any day.

Thanks Chris for making my semi-illegal life much, much better.


We need YOU Captain ! Thanks !!!

CaptainCrawl said...

hohoho, cc is back again!
everything is running fast & fine.

Yak said...

pUnK & POsT pUnK JuNKiE! Thats why i devoted a web series to two of my heroes. EnJOy!

The Rock Vlog Ep. 1 - "Morrissey's Melancholy Music Vlog"

The Rock Vlog Ep. 2 "Danzig's Vlog Of Death"

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