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INXS - Don't Change


On this date in 1982, INXS released their eighth single, "Don't Change". It was backed by "Go West" in the U.S. and "You Never Used To Cry" in the U.K. The A side appeared on their third album, Shabooh Shoobah. Neither B side made the album. The U.K. 12 inch version had a third track, "Golden Playpen" which was on the album. The single reached the #80 spot on the U.S. singles chart. The Perth, Australia new wave band came to a sudden halt when lead singer Michael Hutchence died on November 22, 1997, apparently due to hanging by his own hands. They found a new singer a couple of years ago and have recorded and performed. The replacement singer has recently been given his walking papers by the band. INXS was originally called The Farriss Brothers, named after bandmember brothers, Andrew, Jon and Tim.

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