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The Human League in London


On this date in 1978, The Human League made their London debut. They opened for The Rezillos at Music Machine. The band was a four piece unit at the time consisting of Phil Oakey, Philip Adrian Wright, Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware. The latter two would leave to form Heaven 17. When The Human League became a six-piece band just before their breakout album, Dare!, former Rezillos' guitarist was one of the six. This night in 1978 may have been the night that they met.

The Human League, left to right:
Phil Oakey, Philip Adrian Wright, Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware

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Simon said...

Possibly not as Jo Callis was from Rotherham near Sheffield and went to Edinburgh to attend art college where he joined the Rezillos. He's a bit older than the rest of the Human League but was definitely around Sheffield in 1976/77.

Club80 said...

I guess my point was that The Human League and The Rezillos played on the same bill at the 1978 London debut. THAT is where they may have met for the first time...on this date in 1978.

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