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The Equators - Hot


I Finally Found This!!!

I have this on vinyl but have no way to convert it to mp3.

"Formed in 1977 by the brothers Bailey (Donald, Leo & Rocky), the offspring of Jamaican immigrants to England, The Equators were discovered by Stiff Records’ President, David Robinson, performing with another Birmingham band, The Beat (which shared The Equators’ 20/21 Management team). Robinson, ecstatically impressed with the raw energy of their concert performance & the soulful innovation of their ska-pop-reggae sound, moved to sign the band to the famous Stiff Records label (home of Madness & Elvis Costello)."
(Read more at Marco on the Bass -

The Equators - Hot (1978) -

The Equators re-formed and did a re-make of this album in 2002. Awhile back one of our readers, Kolaboy, gave us the 2002 remixed re-recorded version:



Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your Blog....I would like to invite you to visit our
It´s in portuguese...but we can traslate...hehehehehe!


Anselmo - Brazil

MOOKIE said...

Obrigado Anselmo. I checked out your blog using Google Translate: Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

All you need to do to record your vinyl to digital is a recording program. You can get it free by downloading audacity or any number of others available online. Then go to radioshack and get a stereo rca to 8th inch adapter (very inexpensive) to plug into your line input of your computer. I have been recording my vinyl to my computer this way for over 10 years!

MOOKIE said...

Thanks for the "howto". Audacity is a great program, I've used it quite often. I also have the RCA jack adapter.

My problem is that all of my vinyl and my turntables are sitting in my parents attic 1500 miles away from where I live.

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