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Cabaret Voltaire - The Voice Of America


On this date in 1980, Cabaret Voltaire released their second full length studio vinyl album, The Voice Of America (they had also released a cassette-only album and a live album prior to this). Despite having no singles released from the album, it reached the #3 spot on the U.K. indie album chart. The Sheffield, England post-punk, experimental band disbanded in 1995.

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Chris Noaro said...

Amazing album, one of my two very favourites along with The Crackdown. I once had a dream that there existed a 12" single of This Is Entertainment and indeed the version on the Double Vision video is some kind of remix or alternate recording.

Manic Street Preachers just sampled the wonderful intro to Messages Received for the start of the final track on their latest album. Don't know why as it seems completely out of place, only serves to point out that they are CV fans but is not even mentioned in the credits.

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