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The Birthday Party - Release The Bats


On this date in 1981, The Birthday Party released their fourth single as The Birthday Party (they were once The Boys Next Door). The A side was "Release The Bats". The B side was "Blast Off". Neither song appeared on an album originally but both were added to The Birthday Party's second album, Junkyard, when it was re-released on CD. The Melbourne, Australia post-punk band, as The Birthday Party, called it quits in 1983 and frontman Nick Cave formed The Bad Seeds.

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Rob J said...

When I first heard this single on the late great John Peel Show in the spring of 1981, I literally jumped out of my seat.Released at the height of "The New Romantics" movement, it provided a fearsome alternative to the pompous cocktail scene at the time.
Of course it didn't chart, it was far too scary for mainstream consumption although it would have been a gas to see Nick Cave and crew running amok on "Top Of The Pops". This slice of gothic rockabilly was matched by "Blast Off", one of the greatest b sides ever. Only Iggy's "L.A Blues" and Suicide's "Frankie Teardrop" has surpassed Nick's lung shattering performance. What a great single ! The only track from that year to match it was "Slates,Slags Etc" by The Fall for sheer hostile noise.

Ah, those were the days. Now the kids of today want to aspire to appearing on "X Factor".....

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