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The Associates - 18 Carat Love Affair


On this date in 1982, The Associates released their eleventh single, "18 Carat Love Affair". It was backed by "Love Hangover". The 12 inch version included the bonus track "Australia". None of the songs appeared on an album but all were added as bonus tracks to their third album, Sulk, when it was re-released on CD. The single reached the #21 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The Edinburgh, Scotland new wave band disbanded in 1990 after four albums but re-formed a few years later. The band effectively ended with the death of Billy MacKenzie in 1997.

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Video: The Associates - 18 Carat Love Affair - on Top Of The Pops - 1982 - youtube

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rongtolas said...

the link is kinda if it doesn't work for you either, here's a different path to the same page:


Club80 said...

Thanks Rongtolas.
I changed it. I had a typo in the encryption.

toco said...

This track is on my german pressing of the "Sulk" LP from `82, I also got the UK LP of Sulk, and it appears that "18 carat love affair" replaces "Nude Spoons" on the latter.

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