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The Radiators - Stranger Than Fiction


On this date in 1980, The Radiators released their sixth single, "Stranger Than Fiction". It was backed by "Prison Bars" and "Who Are The Strangers?". The A side did not get placed on an album until a 1985 compilation. The two B sides were older cuts. "Prison Bars" was on their 1977 debut album, TV Tube Heart. "Who Are The Strangers?" appeared on their second album, Ghostown, released in 1979. The Dublin, Ireland punk/post punk band, also known originally as The Radiators From Space, disbanded in 1981 after two albums. Guitarist Phil Chevron went on to join The Pogues. The band re-formed in 2003, again as The Radiators From Space.

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BOZ said...

I think at this point the band have been vocal in unanimously declaring this the worst of the singles they released in their first lifespan.... I can see a progression from GHOSTOWN to the vaudeville of THE DANCING YEARS in the post punk crossover to the 80's, but this one doesn't really belong anywhere!
Rumors abound that the Radiators will be doing an album of 60's psych nuggets soon - their garage days as it were - Phil's pretty busy with the Pogues for some months yet though so I can't see it happening this year.......

Club80 said...

That would be an album I would look forward to buying. Thanks for the update

BOZ said...

Their last order of business was an appearance on Irish TV in February doing GLORIA... it's still up here

Anonymous said...

Hey Boz,

Thanks for posting that video of Gloria. Fantastic stuff. Being from Dublin I grew up listening to the Radiators. Fantastic band.

Len In Moscow

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