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Captain Crawl Is Dead (Again)


First Ed McMahon, then Farrah Fawcett, then Michael Jackson and now Captain Crawl.

Captain Crawl is dead. Long live Captain Crawl!

Hey Chris, keep us posted about CC. You keep disappearing on us.


garychching said...

Hi its not dead, this is the reply I got from Chris at Captain Crawl

cc is still up [ ] but cc's domain provider got bankrupt (!!),
so that's a big problem. but i think i will fix this in the next few days...
anyway, cc's server will never go down, in worst case there will be a new name
for this entire project ;)

thanks for your support

Anonymous said...

Hi, if they do change their name how will we know about it and how will we know if there will be a new address?

Anonymous said...

Hey friends, is NOW Captain Crawl dead? No longer apear and it's sad!!

Anonymous said...

Disaster!! Captain Crawl is out of the air!!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen CC in a few days now. I'll keep checking back.


angela said...

now it's just showing a blue screen with a construction worker. where are you cc?! :(

Anonymous said...

New site being prepared

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