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Thomas Dolby - The Golden Age Of Wireless


On this date in 1982, Thomas Dolby released his debut album, The Golden Age Of Wireless. It contained the singles, "Europa And The Pirate Twins" (#48 U.K., #67 U.S.), "Windpower" (#31 U.K.), "She Blinded Me With Science" (#49 U.K., #5 U.S.), "Radio Silence", "Airwaves" and "One Of Our Submarines" depending on what version of the album you got. The album is notable for its different versions. There are five different confirmed versions of the album with track listings and even track versions changing. The London new wave musician was a previous member of Bruce Woolley and The Camera Club as well as The Fallout Club prior to his solo career. He also wrote "New Toy" for Lene Lovich. After some time off, he has recently started performing again.

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christopher lee said...

after browsing this place for a few hours and downloading multiple albums, i came across this posting, which solidified your place as my new favorite music sharing blog.
as soon as i get around to hooking up my record player to the computer i can get you a copy of an earlier release of this album with different track listing.

MOOKIE said...

Thanks Christopher, we're glad you enjoy The P5. As you know we DO NOT host any music files on this site. We simply point you to other blogs that choose to do so. But, let us know when you get that USB turntable and we'll be glad to link to the album.

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