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Our amigo Santi Rex asked us to post this:

Eduardo Benavente (Madrid, on October 30, 1962 - Alfaro, on May 14, 1983) was a Spanish musician. Drummer of bands like Alaska y los Pegamoides (Alaska and the Celluloses), Seres Vacíos (Empty Beings) and leader and singer of Parálisis Permanente (Permanent Paralysis), a cult band of the famous “movida madrileña” in early 80's, his early death turned it into a myth of the Spanish alternative music scene. He was only 20 years old when he died in a traffic accident while touring with his band 26 years ago today.

He recorded 5 singles and an album with Alaska y los Pegamoides, a 12" with Seres Vacíos and 2 singles (Self-sufficiency/I have a passenger and Born to dominate/Blood), an EP (I Want to be a Holy Woman) and an album (The Act) with Parálisis Permanente.

He is still considered the icon of the Spanish Punk and Goth scene.

Video & Blogloads: Bienvenidos al mundo de la imperfección -


Estanis said...

hi there,

i've been following your blog for months now and i thought that maybe you could help me, considering your amazing knowledge of the music from that era.

this song has to be from around 1985 or 1986, or before. i'm trying to find out who is it, and the title:

i've been looking for it for 2 years now, no one has been able to identify it and it's driving me crazy...any kind of help will be very much appreciated. thank you very much

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