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Peter Godwin - Images Of Heaven


On this date in 1982, Peter Godwin released his third single, "Images Of Heaven". The B side was "Spoken Images". The A side appeared on his first EP, Dance Emotions, a six song debut. The B side was left off. In the U.S., the single was released as a 12 inch with different additional songs. The A side was coupled with "Torch Song For The Heroine" and two different versions of "Emotional Disguise" (one with vocals, one without). All three of these songs (only the vocal version of "Emotional Disguise") were included on Dance Emotions in some shape or form (the EP consisted of, for the most part, extended or re-mixed versions of his songs). The German born new wave singer has not released much since 1983.

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Doug Lynner said...

I thought you and your readers might like the interview show I did with Peter Godwin recently. It covers Metro, his solo 80s output, his collaboration with Steve Winwood and his new band Nuevo. Lots of good music and talk! It streams free at

Anonymous said...

Did a cover recently

scoulon said...

I am coming back here - this is a HUGE part of my life...!!

sheryl coulon

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