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Paul Kelly and The Dots - Seeing Is Believing


On this date in 1980, Paul Kelly and The Dots released their second single, "Seeing Is Believing". It was backed by "Angel In Me". Neither track appeared on an album. The Australian power pop band released two albums before disbanding. Paul Kelly performed as Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls and Paul Kelly and The Messengers as well as, simply, Paul Kelly, later on. case you are wondering what is written behind the song titles on the sleeve, let me save your eyesight a little. Here is what it says:

It is important to keep in mind that it is not necessary for physical contact to take place for persons to have their passions aroused. Simply observing the movements of dancers may well excite passionate feelings. In particular, the male is powerfully affected in an erotic way by what he sees. That is why almost all pornography is sold to men. Hence, a young girl may not realize that dancing without touching can stimulate a young man tremendously, yet it can. When there is fast rock dancing, with attention focused on an area of the body where the reproductive organs are, the girl may actually think it is inoffensive. Yet she is laying herself open for trouble.

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