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Another Pretty Face - All The Boys Love Carrie


On this date in 1979, Another Pretty Face released their debut single, "All The Boys Love Carrie". It was backed by "That's Not Enough". The punk/power pop band from Edinburgh, Scotland released four singles and one album before disbanding in 1981. A live version of the A side appeared on that album, I'm Sorry That I Beat You, I'm Sorry That I Screamed, But for a Moment There I Really Lost Control. Lead singer Mike Scott found later success with The Waterboys.

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simeyjoe said...

Just a couple of corrections:

APF released 4 singles
- All The Boys Love Carrie
- Whatever Happened To The West
- Heaven Gets Closer Everyday
- Soul To Soul

The cassette-only release 'I'm Sorry That I Beat You...' was not released posthumously, the band was still together.

Also, the single 'Out Of Control' released under the name of Funhouse, was to all intents and purposes an APF release as it included the core members Mike Scott and John 'Cauddie' Caldwell. It was the departure of Cauddie that signalled the end of APF and the birth of the Waterboys.

Club80 said...

Thanks simeyjoe! I had them breaking up in 1980. This puts a different spin on things and my research proves you correct. I'll change this to reflect the correct info. Thanks!

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