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Saturday Night Home Cinema


A Clockwork Orange is a 1971 satirical science fiction film adaptation of a 1962 novel of the same name, written by Anthony Burgess. The adaptation was produced, co-written, and directed by Stanley Kubrick. It stars Malcolm McDowell as the charismatic and psychopathic delinquent Alex DeLarge whose pleasures are classical Beethoven, rape, and ultra-violence. He is the leader of a small gang of thugs, whom he calls his "droogs". The film features disturbing, violent imagery to facilitate social commentary on psychiatry, youth gangs, and other topics in a futuristic dystopian Britain.
Wikipedia: A Clockwork Orange (film)

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Mostly classical music selections and Moog synthesizer compositions by Wendy (then Walter) Carlos.
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urbn said...

I loved the clockwork orange. I smoked my first cig while watching this movie in cambridge MN while being forced too couch surf when the guy who's previous house IU was couch surfing at was kicked out of his house....

I guess in 20 years I can say Malcolm McDowell killed me.

Gail said...

Best. Movie. Ever.

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