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Nick Lowe - My Hearts Hurts


On this date in 1982, Nick Lowe released his fourteenth single, "My Heart Hurts". It was backed by a live track called "Pet You and Hold You". It included a second 7-inch in a double gatefound package with the additional live tracks, "Cracking Up" and "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding". It was also available as a 12 inch record with all four tracks. The U.S. version of the single had "Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine" as a B side and was a stand alone 7-inch with just the two tracks. The A side and the U.S. B side both appeared on his third album, Nick The Knife. The power pop singer from Surrey, U.K. was previously teamed with Dave Edmunds in Rockpile.

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Official Website:

Video: Nick Lowe - My Hearts Hurts - on American Bandstand - 1982 - youtube

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Anonymous said...

Excellent upload! Two corrections, though:

- this was released as a double 7" gatefold single set, with UK tour dates listed on the back...the second record had the two additional live tracks you mentioned.

- by 1982, when this was released, Rockpile had already broken up.

Club80 said...

Thanks anonymous. You are absolutely correct. The 7 inch with just the two tracks was the U.S. version which had a different B side. The Rockpile note was a copy from a previous post which I didn't chnage to reflect the proper timeline.
I updated everything. Thanks again!

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