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The Jam - In The City


On this date in 1977, The Jam released their debut single, "In The City". It was backed by "Takin' My Love". Both tracks appeared on their debut album, In The City. The single reached the #40 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The Woking, England punk/mod revivalist band disbanded in 1982 at the peak of their success, having placed their last three albums in the top five spots on the U.K. albums chart and their last eight U.K. single releases in the top 10. Paul Weller went on to form The Style Council. Bruce Foxton joined Stiff Little Fingers in 1991 and stayed on until 2005. Foxton and Rick Buckler have reunited to record and tour without Weller. There has been no interest from Paul Weller.

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Anonymous said...

Respect to Paul Weller's dad who managed the band from start to finish. He's just died.

also, can we have the search back, please?

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