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Front 242 - Principles


On this date in 1982, Front 242 released their debut single, "Principles". It was backed by "Body To Body". Neither track originally appeared on their debut album, Geography, but both were added as bonuses later. The Aarschot, Belgium electronic/industrial band slowed up in the mid-90's to work on a number of other prjects separately but they are still together.

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Peter said...

Great post, great blog! One tiny remark: Front 242 were from Brussels, not Aerscht (that is where their label was located)!!

Club80 said...

Thanks Peter.
I'll research that. I know that Aarschot is just outside of Brussels and my sources tell me that the band was formed there (regardless of where their label was located). Give me a day or so to research this).

zimba said...

Check out this recent interview made by Kriss Needs with Front 242, the Neon Judgement, Special Request and Twilight 22 discussing their different production methods and the Zeitgeist of 1983 …
Check it here :

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