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The Clash


On this date in 1977, The Clash released their self-titled debut album in the U.K. The album included the singles "White Riot" (#38 U.K.), and "Remote Control". The album version of "White Riot" was a different version than the one released as a single (the album version does not have the opening sirens). The album would reach the #12 spot on the U.K. albums chart. It would not be released in the U.S. until 1979 because their record company didn't think it would sell well enough. When it did, it reached the #126 on the U.S. albums chart. The cover of the album only featured three of the four members of The Clash (Paul Simonon, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones) because their drummer, Tory Crimes (aka Terry Chimes) had left the band. He did sit in on the recording sessions. Nicky "Topper" Headon would become their new drummer. The London punk band disbanded in 1986. Mick Jones formed Big Audio Dynamite. Joe Strummer was involved in many projects until his death in 2002.

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