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Adam and The Ants - Stand And Deliver


On this date in 1981, Adam and the Ants released their eighth single, "Stand And Deliver". The B side was "Beat My Guest". The A side appeared on their third album, Prince Charming. The B side was a non-LP track which had been written in the early days of Adam and The Ants. The single reached the #1 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The London punk/post punk band broke up in 1982 when Adam ditched the rest of the Ants and went solo. Well...almost all The Ants. He retained guitarist, co-songwriter Marco Pirroni.

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Planet Mondo said...

Have you heard No Doubt's new rework of this - not too bad actually....

Douglas said...

'Beat My Guest' is good one!

Club80 said...

No, Planet, I haven't. I never really liked No Doubt very much but I'll check it out.
I couldn't agree more, Douglas. I may have to add a link to that song later.

Anonymous said...

The US edition of this was a white label promo included in some copies of the 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' LP.

pjamarama said...

I had 2 copies of this on 7inch and had one on my bedroom wall for such a long time...Spent so much time in charity shops trying to get them all, the quest is ongoing but now we have small children I have to keep them hidden away. My Prince Charming LP is trashed after I scratched it when I was about 3 years old.

Antlady69 said...

Loved the song but also thought that "Beat My Guest" was even better! :)

Simon said...

Gotta agree, Beat My Guest is a cracking tune. Absolutely love it!

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