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The Vapors - Magnets


On this date in 1981, The Vapors released their second album, Magnets. It contained the singles, "Jimmie Jones" and "Spiders". The Guildford, England band was from the same area as The Jam and were managed by Bruce Foxton of The Jam. The new wave/power pop band called it quits in 1981 after two albums. They never replicated the success of "Turning Japanese".

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Vic said...

This is my second all-time favorite album. I saw someone selling the record on eBay once who put the release date for the US as March 30, 1981. Any truth to that? If so, it would have put it on American shelves the day President Reagan was shot, which is eerie when you note that the album cover and title track are about the Kennedy shooting.

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