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Sex Pistols Sign On The Dotted Line


On this date in 1977, The Sex Pistols signed their contract with A&M. The signing took place at 7am in front of Buckingham Palace. They were dropped by A&M six unglorious days later.

Sex Pistols, left to right: Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones (signing),
Sid Vicious and manager Malcolm McLaren. Paul Cook is in the back.

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DJ PIGG said...

I love this blog and normally bow down to the author's extensive knowledge and taste.

However, the person actually 'signing' the A&M contract in the photo is Paul Cook (the blonde one).

L to R: Johnny Rotten (flicking the Vs), Steve Jones (hunched over), Paul Cook (signing), Sid Vicious (leaning over Paul), some A&M bloke (I presume), Malcolm McLaren, another A&M bloke, a police man.

Club80 said...

Thanks D.J.
It's funny because this was not the picture I wanted to use. Rather than update the text, I am going to replace the picture with the one I intended to post.

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