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Iggy Pop - The Idiot


On this date in 1977, Iggy Pop released his first solo album, The Idiot. It contained the singles, "China Girl" and "Sister Midnight". The album reached the #30 spot on the U.K. albums chart and the #72 spot on the U.S. albums chart. The ex-frontman for The Stooges is from Muskegon, Michigan. He is now fronting the newly re-formed Stooges though Ron Asheton's recent death has put things on hold.

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captain said...

could he release an album and play Rainbow the same day?
(sorry for fa-sti-di-ou-sness)
found date march 18 also.

Club80 said...

Sorry for the fa-sti-di-ou-sness. Artists don't actually physically release their own material. They have "people" for that, obviously. Release dates are somewhat of an inexact scienece and sometimes there will be different dates from different sources. I try to be as exact as possible but I learned long ago that expecting perfection in this area was unrealistic.
With that in mind, don't sweat the date. Enjoy the music and share your stories instead.

captain said...

ah.. ok.. you right. i mean "enjoy the music.." etc.

Club80 said...

Great, captain.
If you have requests, suggestions, please, please, please let us know.
In the meantime, enjoy the music!

captain said...

ok. but by now i've got only questions!
and most of them of these stupid dates! i am trying to do my own site (russian) on uk punk 77 - not with releases but diary of all events happened there and then. and feel quite stupid reading articles stating completely different views on what happened on the same event. the different dates and sequence. the last discrepancy i found in a book of Barry Caine (77 Sulphate Strip - know that one?). He remembers the Clash gig in march 77 and then Kinks afterparty (with Clash) and Marc Bolan Party in Roxy afterwards. And i know from other sources that MB party was prior to the Clash gig. And Kinks afterparty was godknowswhen... still can't find the date to this one...

gosh, i'm sorry for so much words. i just needed to tell it someone.

do what you do, it's great:)

Club80 said...

Thanks captain.
Unfortunately, there are many discrepancies and different recollections of the same event.
Back to dates for a second...often, records are released on different dates in different counties, thereby presenting more than one correct answer for a release date. That is precisely why I have learned to accept the potential discrepancies and to present the release dates as best as possible.
Your project sounds interesting. Please keep us posted on its progress.

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