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The Special A.K.A. Live EP


On this date in 1980, The Specials had the #1 single in the U.K., The Special A.K.A. Live which was really a four song live EP with "Too Much Too Young" as the lead track.

Wikipedia: The Specials

Official Website:

Video: The Special A.K.A - Too Much Too Young - on Old Grey Whistle Test - 1980 - youtube

Blogload: The Special A.K.A. Live EP -


Anonymous said...

F'n OGG, you also neglected to note this EP is part of a bootleg mix,

Anonymous said...

If you find a dead link, FIX IT!

how the F you fix someone elses dead links, oyeh spend your life here in case you might find a resurrected link

MOOKIE said...

By "fix it" we mean:

If our old link goes dead then YOU go to Google Blog Search or Captain Crawl, type in the artist and album, and find us all a new working link. Then just copy/paste that new URL here in the comments so future visitors to this site can all see it. That's how we found the original link to begin with.

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