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Saturday Night Home Cinema


Suburbia a 1984 film written and directed by Penelope Spheeris.

Plot: The film is about suburban punks who run away from home and take up a minimalist, punk lifestyle by squatting in abandoned suburban Los Angeles tract homes. The movie contains live footage of D.I. performing "Richard Hung Himself", TSOL performing "Wash Away" and "Darker My Love," and The Vandals performing "The Legend of Pat Brown".

Video Blogload: Suburbia - (rapidshare 6-parts)

Audio Blogload: Suburbia Soundtrack -



Thanx, I was looking for this soundtrack!

Anonymous said...

Not bad for a low budget B movie. But that first scene was a little rough. Excuse me, I mean "ruff" Hehe. Of course we're all in danger of this happening again with the economy meltdown and people leaving the suburbs from either foreclosures or can't afford the gas to commute. Please tell me there is a sequel.


[N][a][R][a][N][j][U] said...

Hello I'am [N][a][R][a][N][j][U] of
thanks for putting the link wayne county, we can exchange links?

MOOKIE said...

RSS feed added. It will appear on the list next time you update your blog.

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