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Sad News


Lux Interior (born Erick Lee Purkhiser) died today of a heart condition.

The Cramps, left to right:
Poison Ivy, Lux Interior, Nick Knox and Bryan Gregory

The Story: The Life And Times Of Lux Interior

Wikipedia: The Cramps

Official Website:

Video: The Cramps - Live at Napa State Mental Hospital (1978) - youtube

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The Invisible Man! said...

Lux was a huge inspiration to me, not only for the music he made, but for the way he lived his life-- that fucker NEVER slowed down & rocked his ass off harder than anyone more than HALF his age!! I never saw a bad Cramps show & Ive seen many in the last twenty years. I can't believe I'll never see him again---Very sad news for damn sure. Nobody will ever come close. You gotta live until you're dead you gotta rock til you see red-- Stay Sick, Lux!

MOOKIE said...

Sad news indeed. RIP Lux. It's been a long time since I've seen The Cramps live but I still remember Lux's gold lame' suit and tiara.

I still can't figure out how his pants stayed up in the URGH! video.
The Cramps - Tear it Up - Urgh! A Music War

Longy said...

Very sad news indeed. R.I.P. Lux : - (((

Planet Mondo said...

very sad news he was like Elvis meets Iggy

The Wolfmen have done a lovely piece here


very sad news, love THE CRAMPS...

we miss you Lux

Piley said...

Geez, not been a good year already for music heroes has it??

I met Lux and Ivy in 1986 whilst wandering around Kensington Market. Believe it or not, some 60 mins earlier I had just bought the new Cramps album 'A Date With Elvis'... What were the chances of that??! I went up to them not knowing what to expect, but they were both SO friendly and chatty. We spoke for some 10-15 mins and the hapily signed my album as a lasting reminder.

A great frontman and a great guy. RIP Lux.


mug said...

That's too bad. He was a real showman. I saw The Cramps a whole bunch of times and they alwasy put on a great show.

BOZ said...

A true original... I interviewed Lux and Ivy in 1995 in Dublin backstage after a gig.. they were genuinely nutty and cool, feeding us their rider of beer and Lux waxing lyrical with steam still rising off him in size 13 stilettos and a tippex moustache ( someone threw a tippex pencil onstage during the gig!! )....
... will be sorely missed by all!!

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