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The Electric Chairs


On this date in 1978, The Electric Chairs released their self-titled debut album. It contained the single, "Eddie & Sheena". The New York City punk band was fronted by Georgian born transexual, Wayne County. the band would become Wayne County & The Electric Chairs and, after a 1980 operation making him "Jayne", Jayne County & The Electric Chairs. Jayne, has claimed that the equipment has not been altered. Their early albums were not released in the U.S. but had to be acquired as imports. The self-titled debut album was later called Blatantly Offenzive and replaced a few of the original tracks with the contents of their Blatantly Offenzive EP.

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Official Website:

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Anonymous said...

Ok, its time for a correction. I am certainly no expert on this topic but here's what I understand: A transvetite is someone (usually straight men) who dress in women's clothing for sexual gratification. Trans-gendered (or trans-sexual) is someone who is born with the wrong genitalia and they live their life as the gender they identify with, snip or no snip. A drag queen is generally a creation for a stage persona or for fun (e.g., Halloween).

We can only assume that either Jayne is trans-gendered or its just a stage persona. She is not a transvestite.

MOOKIE said...

YOu are correct. I've fixed the terminology in the blog post.

Club80 said...

Thanks anonymous and Mookie...both for the lesson and the correction.

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