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Christian Death - Only Theatre Of Pain


On this date in 1982, Christian Death released their debut full length LP, Only Theatre Of Pain. There were no singles released from the album. The Los Angeles goth band is considered the father of American gothic rock. The name of the band was originally meant as a parody of Christian Dior, the designer clothing brand. There have been so many lineup changes over the years that, at one point, there were two bands named Christian Death who both claimed ownership of the name. They continue to record and perform despite the death of founder, Rozz Williams, who hung himself in 1998.

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Gaytha said...

The first time I heard this album was 1989. A bunch of friends came over and we'd gotten all crazy on LSD. Quite the experience. Shortly after hearing it my friends and I learned of Rozz's death. What a bummer since he was brilliant and well, Valor just was glam rock cheeseball; in my opinion.

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