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Saturday Night Home Cinema


"Times Square is a 1980 film starring Trini Alvarado, Robin Johnson, and Tim Curry. The plot of the film essentially embodies a punk rock ethic - misunderstood youth forming a band and, through music, articulating their frustrations toward adult authority, personified in the film as parents, the medical establishment, and politicians."

Wikipedia: Times Square (1980)

Video Blogload: Times Square (1980) (torrent)

Video2: Check this out. I created a YouTube Video Playlist:
Times Square (12 parts) on YouTube

Times Square Soundtrack includes music by The Pretenders, Talking Heads, XTC, The Cure, The Ramones and more!

Audio Blogload: Times Square Soundtrack (1980) -


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great film & soundtrack! Does anyone have a RS link for the movie though as I hate torrents:( Thanks in advance and thanks again MOOKIE!

MOOKIE said...

I try my best to give you guys RS (or similar) links. Last resort I'll use torrent links. My ISP throttles the bandwidth on torrents.

MOOKIE said...

I just watched the movie. Makes me miss the old pre-Disney Times Square.

Anonymous said...

if anyone downloaded the torrent and can please mirror on Rapidshare, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance, and thanks again MOOKIE

Anonymous said...

Is the torrent for the video still active? It's frozen for me at 15% and never had any seeders, only leechers. Thanks!

MOOKIE said...

I think I gave up on that one too. Here's the movie in .flv (flash) format. You can watch it using VLC media player.

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