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The Revillos - Motor Bike Beat


On this date in 1980, The Revillos released their second single, "Motorbike Beat". It was backed by "No Such Luck". The A side appeared on their debut album, Rev Up. The B side was not included, but it was added as a bonus when the album was re-released on CD. The single reached the #45 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The Edinburgh, Scotland punk/new wave band were once The Rezillos, but when they broke up, they had to alter their name since both departing and remaining members owned rights to the name. Eugene Reynolds and Faye Fife re-formed under the name The Revillos. Jo Callis and Simon Templar formed Shake. Not long afterwards, Jo Callis would join The Human League. The Rezillos have re-formed since.

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Video: The Revillos - Motor Bike Beat - on Top Of The Pops - 1980 - youtube

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