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The Nails - Eighty Eight Lines About Forty Four Women


On this date in 1982, The Nails released their second single, "Eighty-Eight Lines About Forty-Four Women". It was backed by "Reel World (Beat Boys & B Girls)". The A side appeared on their debut EP, Hotel For Women, as well as their debut LP, Mood Swing. The B side was exclusive to the single. The song would be remixed and re-released a few years later. The Nails originated in Boulder, Colorado. They relocated to New York City to expand their audience. The punk/new wave band disbanded in 1988. Their early roadie, Eric Boucher, went on to front Dead Kennedys under his new name, Jello Biafra.

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gnac said...

I remember my friends who in the late 70s and half of the 80 listening to your music, punk, new wave, pil, clash, Sex Pistols, The cure, etc, instead I was a whitefly .....
Here's why:

Congratulations on your blog

The Phonographics said...

The blog's great! Very interesting reading. Check out this new band very inspired by the post-punk scene:

Club80 said...

Thanks for the tip, phonogfraphics. I'll be checking them out soon.

Gnac...the good news is that your mistake was made so many years ago and life can be forgiving. Have you learned your lesson yet? Oops..'I saw your blog. Guess not.
Only kidding. To each, their own. Love what you love and let music be the soundtrack to your life! But, for God sakes, ditch the satin shirt, okay?

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