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Crass - The Feeding Of The 5000


On this date in 1979, Crass released their debut album, The Feeding Of The 5,000. There were no singles released from the album. It was originally supposed to include "Reality Asylum" but that track was removed due to a protest by the factory commissioned to press the record. The album reached the #1 spot on the U.K. indie albums chart. The Essex, U.K. punk band released five albums and several EP's and singles before disbanding in 1984.

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The Wolfmen said...

I'm sure my cover's different - someone with a flag walking across a muddy field.

verification word was politio - how appropriate?

helloalejandra said...

THE WOLFMEN. that thing you say is a part of the insert/folded cover, but that's the real cover.

The Wolfmen said...

I think I've got an earlier pressing which has the diff' (field) cover and the first track missing too

John said...

I think the original pressing of 5000 has the insert book with the catalogue number starting with 6. The next pressing had the 6 crossed out and 5 wtitten in felt tip pen. I think the covers were the same. The field and flag were on the other side....I think.

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