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Fear - Fuck Christmas


On this date in 1982, Fear released their second single, "Fuck Christmas". It was backed by "(Bleep Christmas)". Neither track appeared on an album though the A side was added to their debut album, The Record, when it was re-released on CD. The Los Angeles hardcore punk band once appeared on Saturday Night Live, specifically because of the close friendship between John Belushi and Fear's guitarist Derf Scratch. They were, predictably, banned from performing on the show again. Their last release was in 2000.

Wikipedia: Fear

Video: Fear - Fuck Christmas - live - date unknown - youtube

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Adam said...


Unknown said...

Ah yes... a great slice of seasonal cheer!!!

Unknown said...
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Ollie Stench said...

the best 43 seconds ever committed to vinyl!

Club80 (Robever80) said...

The Fear performance on SNL is now lonkd. Check out the 12/17 post on Elvis Costello.

Anonymous said...

Must be a live "New Wave Theater"
performance. See The late "murdered" Peter Ivers MCing at the end of the song.


Adam said...

Hey, are you really Philo Cramer? or just making up a screen name?

And here is the New Wave Theater clip with Fear performing the songs Camarillo and Foreign Policy.

Club80 (Robever80) said...

Really? Philo?

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